Welcome aboard the USS Ark Royal!

"You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, and irrational fear of the unknown. There is no such thing as the unknown. Only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood." James T. Kirk

With a rich legacy that lives into the late twenty-fourth century, the USS Ark Royal, an Ambassador-class Heavy Cruiser, is assigned to Task Force 72 of Bravo Fleet .

2389- With the destruction of Deep Space 7 by Ravager forces in the Inconnu Expanse late last year and confirmed reports of socio-political factions positioning themselves as heir-apparent to the sitting Autarch of the Tzenkethi Coalition, the Federation Council escalated Starfleet's presence along the Federation-Tzenkethi-Breen Border, while consolidating Federation assets in the region.

The U.S.S. Ark Royal, an aging yet sturdy Ambassador-class ship of the line, was pressed back into service after spending the last ten years in mothballs as a premier force-multiplier. Outfitted with the latest advancements in Command and Control technology, Captain Charles F. McFadden and the crew of the U.S.S. Ark Royal are poised to confront the heart of current galactic intrigue that will define the balance of power in the region for years to come.

Sector Exploration and Necessary Tactical Interdiction Near Enemy Lines (S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L.)

Current Mission:

Mission 0: Following a command shakeup, Captain Charles F. McFadden and the crew of the U.S.S. Ark Royal prepare the ship for sustained operations in the Inconnu Expanse.

Latest News Items

» Appointment of new Chief Medical Officer

Posted on Monday February 19th, 2018 @ 3:56am by Commander Charles McFadden in General News


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the CMO billet will be filled by "Lieutenant Commander Amiri Aldana, MC, UFPS" written by the talented P.J.

Welcome aboard, Doctor.



» Winds of Change

Posted on Tuesday January 30th, 2018 @ 3:23am by Commander Charles McFadden in General News

Ark Royal, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I just completed and published my first mission post aboard as Commanding Officer; We are back in business.

Any additional in-character posts before the Change of Command Ceremony are welcome and encouraged.

Thank you.



» September Simulation Update

Posted on Sunday October 1st, 2017 @ 9:41pm by in Sim Announcement

Captain’s Address:

Crew, this is the first of many (hopefully) monthly simulation updates that will be posted between the 1st and 5th of each month. That range isn’t drawn from thin air; it is the date range Bravo Fleet CO’s are afforded to submit their monthly report. Since this update will be written in conjunction with my report, they will be posted near the same time. Most all of the Ark Royal’s updates will come through these monthly updates, so make sure to give each one a quick read over!

These monthly updates will contain the following sections: Captain’s Address, Crew Departures/Arrivals, Mission Progress, Departmental Objectives, Crew Awards, and Other Announcements. Since this is the Ark Royal’s opening month, the arrival list for this month will be rather long!

Crew Arrivals/Departures:

Commander Scott Parker, Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Damien Blackford, Executive Officer

Lieutenant Naresha Trepar, Strategic Operations/Intelligence Office

Major Thomas Haliwell Jr, Mission Advisor

Lieutenant Oliver Ross, Chief Operations Officer

Ensign Laura Axinal, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

2nd Lieutenant Gabrielle Sorenson, Marine Commanding Officer

Vice Admiral Zachary O'Connell, Task Force Commanding Officer (Recurring Character)

Departures: None

Mission Progress:

We are currently still in Mission 0: Crew Arrival, where the Ark Royal is docked at Roosevelt Station and all new officers transferred on board are arriving, getting settled in, and beginning to know one another. This is the simulation’s opening mission, so all players have free reign to post concerning their arrival, reporting-in to the CO/XO, and meeting with their own Department staff. Lets all begin getting your arrival and reporting-in posts started and completed so that we may begin our adventure in the Inconnu Expanse!

Departmental Objectives:

Once we begin our first official mission in the Inconnu Expanse, this section will break down possible avenues for each individual department (that we have staffed) to explore related to our specific mission objectives. For this month, all departments should be meeting with their department staff and the Executive Officer to ensure this old bird is ready to fly again!

Crew Awards:

Something that I wish to start in the future will be for us all to nominate other players for crew awards so that the Command Team may routinely award those which deserve it. Further, if the Ark Royal, or any of our players, receive awards from the Bravo Fleet channels, they will be posted here.

Other Announcements:

Exciting news! The Command team has opened up a side mission entitled “Prologue to Ark Royal.” This mission is open for any player to write about events prior to their character arrival on the Ark Royal. Posts could range anywhere from childhood years to academy years to just days before receiving transfer orders. There is no requirement that you post to this mission, nor will any post under this mission apply towards the one post per fourteen day posting requirement. I only request that if you do log a back post, please make sure to post it under the correct mission tab.

Second, there is a new channel in our Discord serve entitled #mission_engagement. This channel is for everyone to discuss our mission progress, specific mission details, and possible avenues to take our adventure. Consider this channel similar to an OCC Discussion that some games keep saved as a joint mission post.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in joining and helping get this simulation going. It is for you, and the collective writing experience, that I decided to open this game. I look forward to many months, even years of writing with you all. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or the XO through the multiple routes available.


Commander Scott Parker
Commanding Officer, USS Ark Royal
Task Force 72, S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L., Bravo Fleet

Latest Mission Posts

» Confusion and Transfers

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Posted on Tuesday February 13th, 2018 @ 8:50pm by Ensign Erica Solwick

Erica had received the sudden an quick transfer orders for the Captain and the first officer. She wondered why the sudden change in command? It was not unheard of a sudden change of command, but it was not a common day practice. And if someone would have said, your captain…

» Just another day at the office

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Posted on Sunday February 11th, 2018 @ 4:35pm by 2nd Lieutenant Gabrielle Sorenson

Gabrielle walked up and down the assembled marines. She had called them all to the cargo bay for a full ranks formation for the upcoming announcement. They had all lined up perfectly, without hesitation, as they should. She felt a moment a pride swell in her chest. These men and…

» Curious, but ultimately trivial

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Posted on Thursday February 1st, 2018 @ 7:26pm by Ensign Laura Axinal

Laura looked over the logs in her hands, attempting to reconcile all of the recent comings and goings with her list of personnel and their backgrounds. While Starfleet installations may have been capable of screening all incoming individuals, she didn't much care. After all, her task wasn't the security of…

» Winds of Change

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Posted on Tuesday January 30th, 2018 @ 2:33am by Commander Charles McFadden

Unperturbed by the extended interstellar voyage to his new command, Captain Charles "Chuck" McFadden, UFPS sat peering through brooding blue eyes at the galaxy beyond the forward viewports in the Co-Pilot's chair of the Danube-class runabout Nile.

The Nile was one of two Danube-class runabouts assigned to the Ark Royal…

» Smarter Than He Looks

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Posted on Sunday November 5th, 2017 @ 9:42pm by Ensign Daniel Walsh

Following a brief stop at his quarters to change into a duty uniform, Daniel made his way to Engineering. In it’s infinite wisdom, Starfleet had seen fit to assign an Ensign as Ark Royal’s Assistant Chief Engineer. That meant the young Ensign who was just three years out of the…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log 1: Erica Solwick

Posted on Wednesday October 4th, 2017 @ 5:52pm by Ensign Erica Solwick

Personal Log: Erica Solwick

What an interesting past two weeks. Spending two weeks with a Bolian and a Tellarite, was a fun task. The two of them constantly struggled to get a long. Mainly because the Bolian, did not understand how to interact with a Tellarite, he seemed a little…