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Lieutenant Commander Damien Blackford

Name Damien Alec Blackford

Position Executive Officer (Interim CO)

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 176 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Tall and fit, with an athletic frame earned from years of dedication and exercise, Damien strikes a handsome figure both in and out of uniform. He keeps his hair longer than a normal military cut, and likes to sport a short goatee. His expression is suited for smiles over scowls though he has an excellent poker-face.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Admiral Niclas Luc Blackford, 67; Starfleet Command, Earth
Mother Captain Michelle Simone Blackford, 66; Starfleet JAG Office, Earth
Other Family Numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins, most serving in Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview If one were to find a single word to describe Damien, it would most likely be ambitious. This is a man who has always worked hard to meet his goals and shows no signs of stopping now. While he believes in Starfleet’s mission, is as open-minded as any child of the Federation, and finds wonder and joy in discovery, Damien is always aware of how his actions and missions will benefit his career in the long run. His ambition leads him to constant self improvement and a healthy competitive streak.

With few instances where things haven’t gone his way, Damien isn’t used to dealing with failure and can be too hard on himself when he doesn’t meet a goal or deadline. His success also makes him overconfident at times, while his enthusiasm and natural charm make him a good leader. Damien needs to find a place where he can slow down, learn to appreciate what he has. The wisdom of more experienced officers may be able to mold this up and coming officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Charismatic; Natural leader, charming, inspiring
Diplomat; Talent for negotiation
Pilot; Served many years as a helmsman
Tactician; Uses unorthodox strategies in combat

Ambitious; His goals can take precedence over his personal life
By the Book; Too strict adherence to protocol
Demanding; Expects too much from himself
Impatient; Eager for action, doesn’t like to wait
Ambitions To gain a command of his own is Damien's main and only major goal at the moment. He's set himself a strict schedule of what to learn and study, volunteers for any duty he thinks might help his record, and hasn't given any thought to what he'll do once he reaches captain. Damien's personal life is on hold while he strives for his goal.
Hobbies & Interests Flying; Starships, shuttles, atmospheric craft
Games; Dabo, pinball, poker
Literature; Holo-novels over hardcopies
Martial Arts; Kickboxing, wrestling
Music; Classic rock, plays guitar
Shore-leave; Camping, kayaking, hiking, rock-climbing, skiing
Sports; Hoverball, tennis, velocity
Study; History, philosophy, tactics

Personal History Raised in a strict household where discipline and accomplishment were the most important things, Damien might’ve wished for a less stressful childhood if it hadn’t prepared him so well for his future. Both of his parents were ambitious, highly dedicated to their careers, though this did not make them bad at raising a son. Rather, they passed along their own work ethic, their drive, and their need for challenges to meet their exhaustive goals. Damien had to dedicate himself to school, sports, and other activities to satisfy their own expectations until it became normal to try to excel at everything he does.

There was little discussion about Damien joining Starfleet. It was assumed he would apply as soon as he was able. Damien earned his acceptance into the Academy, despite some thinking his parents’ high position might have something to do with it. He proved himself a capable young officer in training while there, specialized in piloting and tactics, served as a squadron captain, was the velocity champion his final two years, and earned a reputation as both a fair leader and an overachiever.

Damien moved on to ship duty after graduation, serving as a junior helmsman of the USS Gryphon. By staying focused on improving his talents, volunteering for extra duty and away team openings, passing all the right tests, and learning everything he could from his superiors, Damien never rested on his laurels and began a steady climb up the ranks. He honed his piloting skills on the Gryphon, later served with bravery and distinction on board the Merrimack, ran the daredevil flight control department on the Sarajevo, on each ship working hard to earn respect and be recognized.

In 2387, the court martial of the commanding officer of the USS Fearless began, and Damien’s parents were part of the prosecuting team. The admiral and JAG officer both seemed to work hard in an attempt to make sure Scott Parker would be stripped of rank and never serve in Starfleet again. In the end, their attempts to see Parker imprisoned and thrown out of the fleet failed, but they were able to use their influence to continue to watch him and be ready when and if he failed again.

Damien found himself transferred off the Sarajevo suddenly, given orders to report to the Ark Royal where he would serve as Commander Parker’s executive officer. He knew full well why his parents had done this, placing him there to serve as their eyes and ears, intending him to find some reason to relieve Parker of duty. While Damien is loyal to both them as both his parents and his superior officers, he is furious as well.

In his mind, he’d earned the chance to become an XO all on his own and had wanted to do it his way. To be used like this by his own family feels like a betrayal, though he’ll do his duty. Regardless of how he came to this position, Damien strives to be the best officer he can be, and watches Parker closely at the same time.
Service Record 2355: Born, Denver, Colorado, Earth
2361-2373: Primary Education, Denver, Earth
2373-2377: Cadet, Flight Control, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2377-2380: Ensign, Helmsman, USS Gryphon
2380-2384: Lieutenant (jg), Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Merrimack
2384-2388: Lieutenant, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Sarajevo
2388-Present: Lieutenant Commander, Executive Officer, USS Ark Royal