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Major Thomas Haliwell

Name Thomas Haliwell Jr

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan (Human Father, Vulcan Mother.)
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 3"
Weight 210 lbs (15 Stone)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description He is a tall, thick built man with wide shoulders. His form a slight muscular.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Leo Thomas Haliwell Sr.
Mother Carla Haliwell
Brother(s) 1x Brother, Unnamed
1x Brother (Twin), Unnamed
Sister(s) 1x Sister, Unnamed

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is a calm, and generally easy going person whom keeps very cool during stressful situations. But, when someone steps out of line, or riles him up, he can be a person's worse nightmare.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Calm, Quick Thinking, Natural Leader

Weaknesses: Fiery Temper, Can be extremely introverted.
Ambitions He wants to eventually match his father's rank, and do his father proud.
Hobbies & Interests He has an avid interest in martial arts, imbued into him by his Father and Mother.
He enjoys partaking in a variety of holodeck programs, some for entertainment, some for combat training in varying forms.

Service Record Enlisted, Age 16
Marine Bootcamp, Graduated age 17, Promoted to Private First Class
Assigned to Utopia Planitia Garrison.

Awarded the Starfleet Cross for Gallantry after saving members of his Battalion and members of the Utopia Planitia crew during a massive compression failure, Offered a commission.

Promoted to 1st Lieutenant after graduation from OCS.

Age 19
Reassigned to Starfleet Marine Corp Battalion on Vulcan, assigned as a Platoon Commanding Officer

Age 21
Promoted to Captain, Assigned as Company Commanding Officer.

Age 25
Reassigned to garrison on Bajor, Commanding Officer 2nd Company

Age 30
Reassigned to Headquarters Company, 8th Battalion, 1st Division on Earth

Age 32
Reassigned to USS Devonshire, Battalion Commanding Officer, Promoted to Major.