Season 1: Inconnu Expanse

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This group of missions focuses on the USS Ark Royal's venture into the Expanse; a non-aligned region of space bordered by the Tzenkethi Coalition, the Breen Confederacy and the Ferengi Alliance and isolated by intense gravitic storms that completely encircle it. Following her mandate of scientific exploration and discovery, what will the Royal come across in this vastly uncahrtered area of space?

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Included Missions

Short Stories Collection 1

Post Count: 4

A collection of incomplete short stories. The sim is starting new on 10/05/2018.

Mission 0: Crew Arrival

Post Count: 32

Mission 0: Commander Scott Parker, a young and flashy officer who quickly gained rank, prepares to take command of the USS Ark Royal. After having taken a year off due to the loss of his first command, the USS Fearless, and subsequent court-marshal, Parker is ready to take on the challenge of scientific discovery in the Inconnu Expanse. Docked at Roosevelt Station, located near the Breen and Ferengi Borders with Federation Space, the Ark Royal also receives her newly assigned senior staff. With only a short amount of time to prepare, can the crew come together to make sure an old bird of the fleet still flies?

Mission 1: Common Ferengis

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Mission 1:After receiving her new commanding officer and senior staff, the USS Ark Royal is ordered into the the Inconnu Expanse for a routine three week mapping expedition to better complete Starfleet's cartography efforts in the Expanse. Her mandate is simple: collect as much sensor data as possible and report back to Starbase 514 while minimizing contact situations. Four days into the venture, the Royal receives a distress signal from a Ferengi merchant ship and decides to respond to render aid. Can the Ark Royal traverse the gravitic storms and reach the victim ship? What challenges will the Ferengi present to the crew providing assistance? Lastly, is this an isolated event, or does it present larger implications for Starfleet as they progress further into the Inconnu Expanse?

Mission 1: Change of Orders

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The crew of the USS Ark Royal, are told launch without their captain. Their brand new first officer, is appointed Interim CO aka the Acting Captain. (Lieutenant Commander) Esmée Haas, has the daunting task of launching the USS Ark Royal and setting a course for the Inconnu Expanse.