A Chance at Redemption

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Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Location: Starfleet Operations Command
Timeline: Pre-Mission Days

His new boots squeaked against the floor as Commander Scott Parker stepped down the hall in search for Admiral Charles William’s office. The long-awaited request to meet had finally arrived. Nervousness was an understatement as he got closer and closer towards the office, one foot in front of the other; a feeling he hadn’t felt since he sat quietly behind the bench as the Judge Advocate General read the verdict of not guilty.

The actions of Parker in the year between that long, dreadful day and now were less than becoming of an officer, the words he fully expected to hear. He could see the writing on the wall: “You’ve been late for shifts consistently. Your work has declined. We think it’s time for you to call it quits; this is the best option for you now.” Where had he gone wrong, the long nights finding the bottom of a bottle?

All thoughts, all notions, and all possibilities were squashed from his thinking as Scott stepped into the waiting area. This was it, all or nothing.

“Commander Parker here for the Admiral,” he quaintly stated to the clerk. He felt calmer speaking to her as she didn’t know his story. She wouldn’t give any judgement.

“Please step right in,” she replied motioning for the door.

A deep breath and skip of the heart was all that stood between him and his fate as Scott did as requested, though things slowed down as he finally stepped through the doors. The office was smaller than he had expected, even with the older man’s four pips in a square shining proudly on his neck.

“Have a seat son,” Williams said without looking up. “I’m at an impasse Parker,” he continued without giving the Commander a chance to actually sit. “You have shown great potential, up until the Fearless.”

“Yes sir,” Scott managed to speak, though the lump in the back of his throat was gaining size.

“Then, you show a lackluster performance of your temporary duties here at Command. Have you given us all that you have son?” The Admiral’s question felt as if they pierced Scott to the back of his skull. This was it; his career finished.

“No sir.”

“Well,” the man said. “We don’t believe you have either. Are you familiar with the Ark Royal?”

Scott sat up in his chair slightly; perhaps this meeting wasn’t going in the direction he thought it would. Perhaps.

“Yes sir,” the Commander managed to say. Clearing his throat, “Ambassador class. It was the flagship of Rear Admiral Shaw, though I believe it has seen different compliments since then.”

“That’s correct. Now she is going to receive another crew, with you as her Commander,” the Admiral said finally looking up to face Parker.

The usual questions didn’t stay in Scotts mind long; “Are you sure? Me?” He had been given a second chance, a chance at redemption; something he knew wasn’t common for an officer in his shoes. Most officers that lost a ship didn’t see the light of day, much less a career past the court-marshal.

“Yes sir,” he finally muttered through a clear shock.

“She’s docked at Roosevelt Station waiting on your arrival. Her senior staff are still being processed and transferred. You’re scheduled to set voyage in three weeks. You’ll receive mission details once you have your senior staff on board. Have her ready by then,” the Admiral added while pushing a PADD across the desk for the commander to pick up.

“And Parker,” he added, “you be ready as well.”