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Arrival on Station

Posted on Monday October 2nd, 2017 @ 2:55am by Ensign Laura Axinal

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Location: USS Ark Royal
Timeline: Current

The noise of the the station's bar was almost deafening to her, but still she sat nearby. Laura knew that she would need to grow accustomed to the noise, the closeness of everything. The Academy had prepared her for that, but it still was quite unnerving in larger situations. She calmed her mind, focusing on one small group of people at a time. It helped calm her. She listened to conversations about new postings, a young couple expecting their first child, and a married man having marital problems and discussing them with a close colleague.

Laura strode with purpose towards the docking port, a small bag slung over her shoulder. She didn't have many possessions; she didn't see the value in material things. It made relocation inefficient, particularly throughout Starfleet and their continual shifting of its members from post to post. She approached the docking guard and handed her PADD wordlessly to him. He went to greet her but stopped short, staring at her still bionic eye with his mouth agape. He recovered and waved her on.

She moved with precision to her assigned quarters, having memorized the ship's design earlier that day. As a member of the security team, she would need to know every part of the vessel, after all, and how best to defend it. She was also surprised by the non military vessel's marine forces. She had made a mental note to meet with the lead officer there to better work out the logistics of the security of the vessel.

She found her quarters and placed the bag on the bed. She removed the meditation focus, a singing bowl, and placed it on her dresser. It was her only real possession, a gift from the monks that she had learned the art of meditation from. She also removed her dancing outfit and placed it in her dresser. It wasn't necessarily important, as it could be re-replicated, but she had grown accustomed to this particular one. She folded the bag up carefully and placed it beside her dancing outfit. It was time to report for duty officially, after all.


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