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Ceremonial Change of Command

Posted on Friday October 27th, 2017 @ 2:56am by Lieutenant Commander Damien Blackford & Lieutenant Commander Naresha Trepar & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Daniel Walsh & Ensign Laura Axinal & 2nd Lieutenant Gabrielle Sorenson & Ensign Erica Solwick II

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Location: Main Lounge

The main lounge of the USS Ark Royal was a buzz of activity with crewman, senior officers, and a few flag officers socializing and snacking on a vast array of Alpha Quadrant foods. It was customary to hold a ceremony when a new officer took command of a vessel; a tradition that found its way into the twenty-fourth century.

With a dress uniform that was slightly tighter than he had hoped, Commander Parker entered the lounge and gave a large sigh. Just a few moments, a few hand shakes, a few smiles, and this will be over with, Scott thought to himself as he began noticing familiar faces.

Ross walked in and took his seat in front of the long Dais. It was interesting, he never attended a ceremony like this before. Most of the time he had just arrived on board a ship with an already established crew with captain years into his or her command. This was a bit exciting for the young man.

This uniform is uncomfortable, Resha thought as she slipped into the back of the room. She missed the simplicity of a Cardassian uniform. No variants for formal occasions. Just a standard uniform. No need to over-complicate clothing, she decided. But it is nice to have a little more color.

Erica was already in the meeting, she hated the tightness of the uniform, almost felt like she could not breathe. She wore the standard dress white uniform with the ugly middle strip, she wondered what Starfleet was thinking when they designed this hideous looking outfit. Unlike most of the officers in the room, she had a single pip on her collar, it seemed so lonely and isolated. Kind of like her, she felt isolated and alone. Part of her wanted to scream out, 'hey I am here,' but this moment was more for the new Captain.

She walked into the room and made a straight line for the refreshments, she grabbed a small bowl of a blue like substance, she was not really sure what it was, but it was very sweet and a real treasure to consume. Erica had noticed the arrival of the new captain, but decided to stay in the shadows, most people did not notice her, which was a good thing, she just wanted this event to be over.

She could sense a lot of anxious souls in the room, which in part, was the reason why she was anxious. She could sense their emotional reactions and in part, respond to those emotional needs. She wanted to stay hidden, best to be seen but not heard, a saying her father told her all of the time, growing up in the Beta and Delta Quadrant.

Ensign Walsh, unlike most, enjoyed the chance to don his dress uniform. While it was more restrictive than the duty uniform, he liked how it looked on him. He'd only arrived on board half an hour earlier, just enough time for a shower and the replicator to create a new set of dress whites.

Slipping into the lounge unnoticed and moving through the room, Daniel began mingling with some of the other officers gathered. As outgoing and confident as he was, Walsh felt out of place. No doubt a lot of that was due to the fact that he had only just arrived on board, and part of it had to do with the fact that he was not one of the ships senior officers. However, the Chief Engineer had not yet arrived and in their absence it was up to him to represent the department at this event.

Erica looked around the room, it was full of personal that she did not know, some where the crew, some where friends of the Captain's or friends of the crew, she stood in the room, scanning people's emotional well being, in other words, their feelings. For the most part the crew was excited or genuinely happy, but then there was one feeling that stood above the rest and it was not the Captain's. She immediately went to track the source. She started to gaze through the sea of personal when she tracked him down.

Pride, confidence, a hint trace of narcissistic personality. Her first patient, she thought, well possibly. He seemed to have emotional stability, a lot of young cocky arrogant officers, had that trait, one they learned to control, graduating the academy, she too felt like she was also on top of the universe. She decided to have a little fun with Daniel Walsh. "Tell me Mr. Walsh, do the ladies share your impression on how you feel in that uniform" teased Erica, as she was starting to show off her abilities as a telepath. She did a surface scan, nothing to evasive, his aura was screaming, ladies check me out! Erica was only acknowledging his request.

Daniel turned to find a young woman, who was a good few inches shorter than he was, standing there with a glass in hand. In response to her question he offered a slight nonchalant shrug. "Probably." He sipped at his synthaholic drink; it wasn't as good as the real thing but it wasn't bad. "Besides, it's not the ladies I'm looking to impress."

Erica took a sip of a drink she had in her hand and smiled in his general direction. She was slightly amused by his comment, she thought to herself, this man could be trouble as she took another sip.

He studied the other Ensign's appearance for a moment. The blue departmental colours of her uniform indicated that she was either a Scientist, a Medic or a Counselor. Given her apparent telepathic ability Danny was going to take a punt on the latter. "Let me guess, ships Counselor?"

Erica noticed the glance by Daniel, she returned the favor by looking at him. He was taller than her with a great body, he was well built and very active, in the physical department he was sight to look at it. His blond hair and blue eyes were complimented him nicely. She grinned as she took another sip, "correct Erica Solwick at your service" said Erica as she reached out her hand to shake his.

"I see a gold uniform, sense of confidence, I would assume an Engineer, they take great pride in their engines and in appearance" suggested Erica with a borderline teasing look on face. Her body language was a little more on the flirty side, positioning her body towards his, but not to close. She was testing the waters. She glanced at his physique once again.

Not noticing her glances, Danny continued to survey the room. "The gold uniform and confidence could also be indicative of a Security Officer...but in this case you're correct. I'm the Assistant Chief Engineer." With a smile he added, "I would introduce myself but you already know my name."

"Let's have lunch sometime soon" said Erica. Having dinner would make people think they were dating, and if they had breakfast, people would think they slept together, it was the best way she knew how to tell Daniel without coming out and saying, hey I want to get to know you better, approach, she was physically attracted to him, but emotionally, she was still not sure.

Walsh nodded. "Sounds like a plan." Daniel decided to continue working through the room mingling and to allow the Counselor to do the same. No doubt she would find it useful to meet as many of the crew as possible. "I think I'm gonna go mingle some more. It was a pleasure to meet you, Erica. I'll see you around."

Gabrielle arrived, her dress uniform looking a little more harried than most. She hated it with a passion, as she had never really been one to stand on ceremony. She took a moment, adjusting herself in the corner away from prying eyes, smoothing her uniform down to something more presentable in the company of higher ups. She immediately went for some food, stuffing her face with fervor and gusto, though being careful not to be too messy with it. Pomp and ceremony be damned, she was going to enjoy this little event.

Laura walked up to the doors, adjusting her uniform absently. It was, of course, meticulous and perfect in every way that was possible for her, but it still didn’t quell the nervousness building up inside her. There were too many people for her to feel comfortable, but she tried to quiet that with logic. The upside was that there wouldn’t be anyone to pay too much attention to her in this. She would be able to blend into the background without an issue…hopefully. She took a deep breath and walked through, finding a place off to the side of the gathering crowd as far away from others as possible and stood there, attempting to keep an eye on the proceedings from a security perspective as well. Best to lose yourself in work when confronted with such a situation. Emotions were a pesky thing all around.

At long last, Blackford managed to pull himself away from the long-winded quartermaster he'd been dealing with on the station, got himself back on board and changed, then finally to the ceremony. Unlike some others, he seemed to have no problems with his dress uniform; just like his usual appearance, he pulled it off well, looked sharp and untroubled by the formality of the white jacket.

Sharp eyes scanned the room, noting who was attending, who they were standing by, who they might seem to be avoiding. Although this ritual might be a run of the mill passing of the torch it also presented an opportunity for him to engage in politics with personnel from outside of the crew, as well as keep his eyes on his own staff. A brief, uncomfortable, and dismissive glance was sent Parker's way; Damien knew it was going to take a long time to get comfortable around the man. Catching sight of a JAG officer he was familiar with, Damien went to strike up conversation.

Through the lounge's main doors stepped a tall man after having just arrived on the Ark Royal. His dress reds displaying gold trim, Vice Admiral Williams quickly stepped to the large observation windows where a podium was located.

Quickly noticing the new presence in the lounge, Scott cut the man off prior to his arrival at the front of the room. "Sir," he began, "welcome to the Ark Royal."

"Thank you Parker," Williams replied. "A spiffy crowd you have here."

Nodding, "Yes sir. They're shaping up nicely," Scott replied. Although he was expecting Williams for the transfer, the anxiety surrounding the occasion was becoming heavier on him now that he was face to face with the man again.

"Very good," Williams replied. "Shall we begin?"

Erica thought to herself, finally this little circus act could officially begin. She hated the dress white uniform, she started to see why her people preferred less attire to events like these. She felt like she was suffocating a little bit. She noticed her drink in her hand was getting low, since they were starting, she decided to finish it off and put the glass down.

After stepping up to the podium, Williams took a higher standing stance. He enjoyed moments such as this; moments that would be remembered by all in attendance.

"Attention to orders!" came from an aid as the flag officer became settled in his position.

"Everyone, thank you for coming to this memorable occasion," he began. "The name Ark Royal can be traced back to 1587 when the first vessel to bear the name served as the flagship for the Old English Navy on numerous occasions. In those days, the horizon was seen as the limit. Today, though, we see no limit to where this USS Ark Royal may go. This vessel has seen her share of fights, new planets, new civilizations... and today, I am here to pass over the reigns to ensure that she continues to find new worlds. Command Parker," Williams said while raising his hand to motion him up front.

Scott nodded and stepped up near the Admiral, heart pounding through his chest.

To Admiral Charles Williams, Commanding Officer, USS Ark Royal. Stardate 95396.91. You are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of your vessel to Commander Scott Parker as of his date. Signed, Starfleet Command."

"Computer, transfer all command codes to Commander Scott Parker. Voice authorization: Williams-5-3-5-Bravo," came from the Admiral.

"Transfer complete. USS Ark Royal now under command of Commander Scott Parker."

"I relieve you, sir," came from Scott with a bright smile as he stood facing Williams.

"I stand relieved," replied Williams.

From where she stood, in the back of the room, Resha tried to understand the necessity of such ceremony. Especially for something like a simple change of command for a minor vessel such as the Ark Royal. Or for a rather unremarkable officer as Commander Parker seemed to be.

Erica made her through the crowd, and walked up to Scott, and reached her hand out to shake his hand. "Congrats Captain" said Erica, now that he was the ship's commanding officer, regardless of his rank, the correct terminology was Captain. She remembered studying that at the academy. She thought it was silly, but traditions are traditions.

Turning to face the woman, Scott took her hand and replied, “thank you. You are?” He hadn’t spent much time going over the manifest, yet.

"Erica Solwick, the Ark Royal's new Counselor" she said, making sure to lightly grip his hand when shaking. She waited to see how he was going to respond, she knew the Captain could probably benefit from her services.

"Ah. Well, nice to meet you Ms. Solwick," Scott replied with a clear surprise. In the past year, he had spent countless hours with shrinks; but, speaking with Erica may help given the change in his career. Her presence may not be coincidence, like Blackford, he thought to himself while looking down at her.

"See me tomorrow," Scott told the counselor, hoping she would see his eagerness to get the inevitable out of the way.

"My schedule is always open for you Captain" said Erica, she was not hear to ruffle his feathers, or so the human term would go. She was hear to help him, that was the mission she was given, and she knew there would be several pissed off admiral's if she failed.

Ensign Walsh had watched the change of command ceremony with interest. Though it hadn't been the first such even that he'd attended, it had been the first for a ship that he was assigned to. The previous one had been when his father had assumed command of a starship for the first time.

Danny watched as Ensign Solwick approached the Captain. That brought a smile to the young engineers lips. He wondered if Captain Parker's first encounter with the Counselor would be as interesting as his own. However, instead of sticking around to find out, the engineer left the ceremony behind. It had been a small distraction from what he really wanted to be doing; getting to know this new ship.

First stop would be his quarters to change into a duty uniform before heading onto engineering.

Perhaps it was a bit telling, but Blackford didn't immediately approach his commanding officer to offer his congratulations, but instead slid through the crowd to intercept Admiral Williams before he left. Though he hadn't served with the man in the past, Damien had reviewed his record, correlated the connections between the Admiral and Parker. If there was anyone here who might be able to give him some insight into Parker, Williams was the man.

"Admiral," Damien planted himself before Williams, extended a hand for a firm shake, chin held high and eyes confident. "Lieutenant Commander Blackford. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

Williams turned and offered the man a smile while extending his hand. "Nick's boy, I assume? Nice to finally meet you," he replied.

"Uh, yes sir," Damien shook the Admiral's hand for a moment, but seemed a little surprised. "The pleasure is mine, Admiral. You know my father, sir? "

Nodding, "yes, we've met on a few occasions. Take care Commander," Williams said with a smile and quick put on the shoulder as he passed by him and started towards the doors. The ceremony, which he knew many thought was mundane and pointless, was over; he had done his part.

Blackford did his best not to clench his jaw too tight as the Admiral walked away, cutting off any chance of further talk. Was he supposed to take that as a hint about his father...or himself? Not liking where that line of thought took him, Damien put on the best face he could manage to join the line to congratulate their new Captain.


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