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Beginning The Next Chapter

Posted on Sunday October 15th, 2017 @ 9:40pm by Lieutenant Daniel Walsh

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Location: Deck 15, Cargo Bay 1, U.S.S. Livingston NCC-34099

Ensign Walsh stood beside one of the Livingtson’s cargo transporters and watched as the the latest, and final, batch of crates dematerialised. The Excelsior-class ship had arrived at Roosevelt Station two hours earlier and had immediately begun transferring various supplies over to the Ark Royal. Danny’s task had been to oversee the transfer of engineering supplies.

“How’s the transfer going, Ensign?” Lieutenant Catherine Bennett asked as she strode over to where Daniel was standing. Bennett has been the Livingston’s Chief Engineer for the past six months and had become a good friend and mentor to Walsh.

Daniel glanced down at the PADD in his right hand and studied the data contained within for a few moments. When he was satisfied that everything due to be transferred over had been, he looked up at Lieutenant Bennett. “The transfer is complete, ma’am. All engineering supplies have been beamed over to the Ark Royal.” He held out the PADD for her inspection.

Bennett didn’t bother to study the list of transfers. Instead she held out a PADD but not the one Daniel had given her, this one she had brought with her. “You missed one item, Ensign.” In his confusion, Daniel missed the mischievous twinkle in the eyes of his superior.

Taking the PADD, Daniel began reading but didn’t get past the few few lines. His head shot up, his eyes wide, and he searched Lieutenant Bennett’s face for confirmation that what he was reading was genuine. The smile that lit up her face was the confirmation he was seeking. “I’m being transferred to the Ark Royal?”

The transfer was not the startling part of what he’d read. He still didn’t believe it until Bennett repeated what his assignment on the Ark Royal would be. “As her Assistant Chief Engineer.” Her smile widened. “Congratulations Danny.”

Daniel’s head was spinning, his heart felt like it was beating so hard that it was about to burst out of his chest, his mouth was dry. Not only was he being transferred to a larger, newer Ambassador-class starship but he was also being promoted; second in command of the Ark Royal’s engineering department. It was a huge step forward in his career. In a few years he could be Chief Engineer, have an engine room of his own. “Thank you ma’am. I...I dunno what else to say.”

Placing a hand on his shoulder, Bennet led Ensign Walsh towards the door of the Cargo Bay. “There’s nothing to say. You’re a fine Officer and an exceptional Engineer. You’ve earned this. Now, you have to make the most of it.” The two stopped just outside the Cargo Bay and Bennett took on a more formal tone. “You’re orders are effective immediately, Ensign. Pack your gear and report aboard Ark Royal.”

Daniel straightened but he couldn’t keep the large grin off his face. “Aye aye, ma’am.” The Chief Engineer shot him a friendly wink before Walsh rushed back to his quarters, eager to begin his new assignment on Ark Royal. He didn’t have many personal belongings; a few photos of family and friends and some cherished pieces of civilian clothing. A few goodbye notes were quickly composed to his friends onboard the Livingston along with a promise to meet them for drinks on the station before they departed and with a last look around the quarters he shared with Ensign Blair, he stepped out into the corridor and the next chapter of his Starfleet career.

Ensign Daniel Walsh
Assistant Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Ark Royal


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