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That Fateful Day

Posted on Monday October 16th, 2017 @ 10:58pm by 2nd Lieutenant Gabrielle Sorenson

Mission: Prologue to Ark Royal
Location: Earth, Sorenson Household
Timeline: 5 Years ago

It was raining. Dark, storming, and raining. That much Gabrielle remembered vividly. It was almost as if it was a precursor, a portent of what would come to pass. But in the moments before, it was nothing but another stormy night.

Then came the chime. Gabrielle had long since demonized it to more of a pounding knock on an old wooden door, but it was really nothing more than a chime. An innocent sound; someone was at the door. Mark looked at the screen to see who was arriving at such a late hour. His face went a little paler, and he sent Gabrielle to her room. She complied only briefly, immediately returning to the top of the stairs and out of sight before Mark could open the door.

The door opens, and Mark invites two strange men into the house. Gabrielle knew something was wrong; it wasn't a social visit at all. Their voices were hushed, but Gabrielle picked up her brother's name...and the phrase "lost". Her mother was hysterical immediately, her father began to cry as he held his wife. Gabrielle stumbled down the stairs in a stupor. The men barely took notice of her.

"How?" she rasped, her voice barely audible. The men looked at her, another thing that Gabrielle had demonized in five years. She remembers their harsh angular features, the menacing looks in their eyes, but none of that was true. It was amazing what memory would craft around the situation. In reality, they were two poor souls left to deliver a horrible message.

"How?!" Gabrielle repeated firmly, much more clear now. The one man stepped forward.

"His ship was attacked by a hostile force on mission. He and his marines did their duty and protected the ship, giving their lives to save 3 times more. Their heroism allowed the ship to return, injured and limping as it was, with the majority of its crew compliment still alive," the man explained.

"Duty. It was their duty to protect the ship and its crew. Who protected them?" she asked. The men looked at each other, not sure how to answer her question. "WHO PROTECTED THEM?!" she screamed, launching herself at the closer to the two officers. Her parents restrained her, and the man stood quickly. They took her to her room and lay her in her bed. She simply repeated herself, rocking in the corner...who protected them?

It would take her another two days to move from her room, and other two days to be able to eat again. In two weeks, she returned to her studies. Two months passed, and she finally had an answer to the question she had asked them.

"Who protects them? Me."


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