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Smarter Than He Looks

Posted on Sunday November 5th, 2017 @ 9:42pm by Lieutenant Daniel Walsh

Mission: Mission 0: Crew Arrival
Location: Main Engineering, Deck 22, U.S.S. Ark Royal

Following a brief stop at his quarters to change into a duty uniform, Daniel made his way to Engineering. In it’s infinite wisdom, Starfleet had seen fit to assign an Ensign as Ark Royal’s Assistant Chief Engineer. That meant the young Ensign who was just three years out of the Academy had Lieutenant’s reporting to him. He had no doubt that some of those Lieutenants would harbour some resentment towards him for being promoted over them but he hoped to prove himself capable of the position.

Daniel entered Engineering and immediately approached the Master Systems Display table. He studied the information it displayed for a moment before entering a series of commands to dig deeper into Ark Royal’s current status.

“You must be Ensign Walsh.” Daniel turned to find a female Lieutenant j.g. standing beside the MSD table. “Actually I know you’re Ensign Walsh. When I was told you had arrived onboard I looked up your service jacket so that I could identify you.”

Danny extended his hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant...”. He tailed off to allow the Lieutenant to provide her name.

“Miller.” Her tone was cold and she didn’t bother accepting the Assistant Chief Engineer’s hand. “You know when I heard that we’d been assigned an Ensign to be the number two Engineer, I thought you’d be like the second coming of Montgomery Scott. But after reviewing your record you don’t strike me as anything special.”

Daniel’s shoulder sagged as he realised that Lieutenant Miller had reacted exactly as he’d feared. Her demeanour suggested more than just annoyance at having to take orders from someone with less time in service and of a lower rank. The fire in her eyes clued him into the reason. “You were in line for this promotion.”

“Smarter than you look.” Daniel didn’t blame her for her anger, in her place he probably would have felt the same. He could only hope that in time that he could prove to her that he was capable. “So instead of me they choose you; the son of an Admiral who’s smarter than he looks, not that that’s saying much. Lucky us.”

Daniel tried to remain calm in the face of her anger but he wouldn’t stand there and allow someone to accuse him of allowing his father to have any influence over his career. “That’s not what this is. My father had nothing to do with my being assigned to Ark Royal. I am a damn fine Engineer and I am more than up to the challenge. I’m here on my own merits.”

He was aware that all eyes in Engineering, if they hadn’t been before, were now firmly on them. His anger was replaced by annoyance and embarrassment at having been allowed to get worked up like that. This was not how he wanted his first day to go. Perhaps it would be better if he requested a transfer off the Ark Royal. Sure, it would severely damage his career to request a transfer only hours after arriving onboard but he was starting to doubt that his promotion was worth incurring the hatred of others.

Lieutenant Miller snorted derisively. “Of course you are.” She started towards the corridor that led away from Engineering. “I have other duties to attend to.” Miller told him as he stopped beside him. “Engineering’s all yours, daddy’s boy.” With that she continued on her way.

Daniel unclenched his fist, which he hadn’t realised he was doing. He looked around at the faces staring at him and they all quickly resumed their duties. Rubbing his face for a moment he returned his attention to the Master Systems Display table and continued to update himself on Ark Royal’s current status.

Ensign Daniel Walsh
Assistant Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Ark Royal


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