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The First Step Can Be the Hardest

Posted on Friday September 29th, 2017 @ 3:04am by
Edited on on Friday October 5th, 2018 @ 10:11pm

Mission: Short Stories Collection 1
Location: USS Ark Royal - CO's Quarters and Bridge

With one step onto the deck of the Ambassador class ship, Commander Scott Parker stepped into his future. The ship wasn't the flag bearer she once was; but, she was his for the time being. A flurry of emotions encompassed him as he slowly made his way down the corridor. The ship's new Commanding Officer managed to stay up long enough the night before to read some service history on the older vessel, something with more details than the common officer would know. Reading was the easy part; staying up was the difficult part in that the transport which brought Scott to Roosevelt Station had an impressive array of Alpha and Beta Quadrant liquors, many of which were among his favorite.

Still, the ship had an old familiar hum to her ways as Scott passed through the corridors. Bulk heads weren't off and wires weren't hanging, but there weren't many crewmen about the halls or turbolifts as he would expect. The ship was set to launch in a week and there was still a lot of leg work to complete prior to the departure; a lot that Scott had to sort out himself.

Stepping into his quarters, Scott took a deep breath while taking it all in. The space wasn't quite as big or plush as it was on the Fearless, but it was his new home for the time being. He sat his bag on the bed, after taking his bottle of whiskey out, and found the desk chair.

Just one swig to calm the nerves, Parker said to himself as he raised the bottle to his lips. The elixir didn't take as strong of an affect as it once did, all more the reason to finally put it down one day. He knew the following days would be eventful as the crew prepared for the ship's departure. Meeting senior staff, reviewing a list of transfers, and checking the Royal's systems to verify that she was ready to fly again. While a make shift list started to form in Scott's head, somewhat half-heartedly, the words of Admiral Williams continued to ring in his head.

"And Parker... you be ready as well."

With his internal conflicts growing and no where to go inside the walls of his quarters, Parker stood and made an exit. A walk always did him good, no matter the circumstances. He had heard stories of the Ark Royal before being assigned to her, both the Ambassador Class vessel and those proceeding it. The few crewman he did meet in the halls were greeted with a smile and a half-nod. Parker mussed over the idea of if they knew what they were getting into, if they understood the history this vessel had seen, if any of them knew him or his own history. Would that change their work? Would that change their attitude towards him?

It didn't take long for him to reach deck one. He slowly stepped out onto the low light bridge and gazed upon the grandiose. There weren't many crewmen present, just a few. The quiet magnificence of it seemed to calm his nerves more so than anything had in the past week. Everything was in place, ordered, and ready for staff to man her stations. The awe of the bridge continued to encompass Scott as he stepped down and ran his finger over the edge of the command chair. The history the Ark Royal had seen, all channeled through the command center that he would seen be in charge of.

He quietly sat down in his new chair, closed his eyes while leaning his head back, and slowly began to fully take the gravity of his new assignment in.


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